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Hot and Cold by Soorak [Eng]

Manhwa: Hot and Cold; 냉정과 열정 사이
Mangaka: Soorak
Language: English

Plot: It was a summer when even breathing was hard due to the heat. The air conditioner in An Kyungsoo’s room was long broken. As a replacement, his landlord sent him a humanoid air conditioner that is all the rage overseas, taking form in a handsome male model. As soon as it is turned on, it became so cool that he cuddled it, but he can’t help feeling a bit weird. As he was cuddling this temporary replacement of his AC, he pressed a button located “somewhere” and it opened it’s eyes. Turns out that not only did his humanoid have a handsome face, he also has a kind personality and a gentle voice… This totally perfect AC’s over friendliness gradually included skinship, as well as relieving his sex drive that has been long stifled by the heat…

Hot and Cold Manhwa Chapter 1

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