Please, Candy
Yaoi Manga

[GwangGong Industrial Complex] Please, Candy! by Nod – Uncensored – Ch. 1 [Eng]

Manhwa: Please, Candy!; [GwangGong Industrial Complex] Please, Candy!
Mangaka: Nod
Language: English

[GwangGong Industrial Complex] Please, Candy! Manhwa Plot: Hagong, who was ordinarily going to work, and his junior, who had followed suit of him, Woon, had joined the same company. Although they had confirmed their feelings for each other briefly, for some reason, Woon avoids any of Hagong’s skinship. This leads to Hagong visiting his house, and seeing him interacting lovingly with another man. Hagong is filled with a sense of betrayal, after recalling the times his skinship was avoided.


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