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Hana wa Junai ni Junjiru by KOUJI Tatsuru [Eng]

Manga: Hana wa Junai ni Junjiru
Author/ Artist: KUIBIRA Harumo/ KOUJI Tatsuru
Language: English

1. The Flower That’s Sacrificed to Pure Love
At the mansion where his father worked as a gardener, young Daniel met Tsubaki, who was destined to become a “Hana”, an official prostitute that serves only the royalty and nobles. In order to have Tsubaki, Daniel went to England to further his studies, and eventually won the highest accolates for a gardener. Coming back to his motherland, Alexxa, after fifteen long years to receive his peerage, he finds that… -From Blissful Sin

2-4. The Flower That Blooms in Pure Love
Katsumi accompanies his boss to a brothel, but always waits outside. One night he meets Shrill, a young boy who lives in the brothel, although he is not yet a “Hana”. Soon they begin to develop feelings for one another… but of course there is a problem. In Alexxa, the “Hana” only serve those with noble blood from their country, and Katsumi is from the Japanese embassy. How will they keep their love?

5&6. The Flower That Blooms in Reminiscence
When Iris’s master dies, he is left as part of the inheritance to the master’s son Leonard. The late master raised Iris with kindness and love… but Leonard hates the “Hana” system. Iris is left in the hands of a man who hates him… but why did Leonard embrace him?

7. The Flower That is Blooming in Blissfulness
Extra to Chapter 1

8. The Flower That is Loved Forever
Short story – Skipped

9. Imitation Gold
Two noblemen, pride, love, and money.

10. Deer Hunting
Continuation of Imitation Gold