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Star ni Ai by Ougi Yuzuha [Eng]

Manga: Star ni Ai; スタアに愛
Author: Ougi Yuzuha
Language: English

1-2) University student Michiru’s secret lover is Japan’s first celebrity idol Rihito! His relationship with Rihito has always been sweet, but is this stable and happy life in danger of being destroyed soon?

3-4) Endless Summer and Lovers Summer continue the story of Shizuka, son of a now shamed rich family, and Jin famous baseball player, from the 3rd story in Star Na Koi. Shizuka has run away from Japan. Devoted Jin finds him in New York, but Shizuka’s guilt is eating away at him…

5-6) Honey in the Dark and Mermaid in the Dark make up the final story. A blackout has plunged a tunnel into chaos. A blind beauty and the panicked man whom he helped out on that day have an unforgettable and powerful connection. Their relationship is passionate, but is it destined to fail because they ‘see’ the world too differently? Also, there is a mystery behind his loss of eyesight and it seems sinister…

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