Goshujinsama To kedama
Yaoi Manga

Goshujin-sama to Kedama by Koishikawa Ao [Eng]

Manga: Goshujin-sama to Kedama; Goshujinsama to kedama; ご主人さまとけだま
Author: Koishikawa Ao
Language: English

Plot: Chigusa is a businessman who lives alone. One day he picks up a dirty hairball-like animal, thinking it’s a cat. He washes and feeds it and puts it to bed, but the next morning… in the room there’s an adolescent with cat ears and a tail, which Chigusa has never seen before. He calls Chigusa “Master” and wants to serve him hard, so Chigusa names him “Kedama (hairball)” and they start living together, but…

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