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Colorful Line by ICHIKAWA Kei [Eng]

Manga: Colorful Line
Author: ICHIKAWA Kei
Language: English

Plot: Shousuke always takes the role to comfort his best friend, Tomoki, who tends to fall in love and then gets dumped several times. One day, Shousuke was drinking with Tomoki and was listening to his whining as usual. Tomoki cracked some jokes and confessed to Shousuke telling him “I love you~” since Shousuke has always listened to him, but Shousuke let his true feelings out and asked Tomoki “Which one do you love more, me or your ex?” Tomoki answered he can’t choose and started crying. Shousuke got shaken up and kissed Tomoki without thinking…!? The day when an airhead, cry-baby man who easily falls in love, and a normal guy who has negative connotations about love became more than friends!

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