Yozora no Sumikko de, by HAYAKAWA Nojiko
Yaoi Manga

Yozora no Sumikko de, by HAYAKAWA Nojiko [ENG]

Manga: Yozora no Sumikko de; At the Corner of the Night Skies; In a corner of the Night Sky; Dans un coin de ciel nocturne; En un rincón del cielo nocturno; 夜空のすみっこで、; 在夜空下相遇
Author: HAYAKAWA Nojiko
Language: English

Plot: When a former senpai of his comes back into his life after 11 years, Hoshino is surprised. He becomes confused and slightly terrified after the senpai finds out that Hoshino has kept a pen that he gave him after all these years, and then kisses Hoshino.

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