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Unscented Trace Manhwa
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Unscented Trace by Chelliace – Ch. 32 [Eng]

Manhwa: Unscented Trace; Scentless Trail; Unscented Trace; Fragrance-Free Trajectory; Fragrance free Trajectory; Unscented Orbit; Unscented Trajectory
Mangaka: Chelliace; Kaya; Mob
Language: English

Unscented Trace Manhwa Plot: Childhood tragedy turned Lee Juhyeok into an angry, omega-hating alpha. He has enemies, his partners can’t pleasure him, and he can’t remember the one dearest to him. However, his right-hand man, Kwon Yihyeon, knows who he once was and chooses to stay by his side. But after an incident results in the two eloping, Juhyeok’s urge to have Yihyeon all for himself begins to grow. His demands are getting worse, and it’s only a matter of time before there’s nothing left of Yihyeon… not even a scent.

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