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Torokeru Kami-kon by HASUMI Hana [Eng]

Manga: Torokeru Kami-kon; Torokeru Kamiato
Mangaka: HASUMI Hana
Language: English

Plot: “The places that you like, I will bite on them all”
He does not understand what goes on inside the mind of his cool-looking classmate. He was going to make love to him but he got fucked instead!? Both his mind and his body melts away under the caress of this person that he hates so much.
Eichi is a university student who likes to hang around flashy people. He gets irritated by the fact that Jinno is always silently staring at him without saying anything every time they went to a drinking party. Eichi successfully got Jinno drunk to the point of getting sick one night however, he was unexpectedly appointed to look after him. Not only that, Jinno pounced him while at the pub’s toilet—!?

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