The Beast Must Die
Yaoi Manga

The Beast Must Die by Lee Hyeon-Sook – Ch. 53-54 [Eng]

Manhwa: The Beast Must Die
Mangaka: Lee Hyeon-Sook
Language: English

The Beast Must Die Manhwa Plot: After finding out his sister has been gang-raped by a secret fraternity before she committed suicide, Lee Kirin decides to catch the rapists and take revenge on them. He approaches one of the known members of the group, Kang Moo, and asks him for his cooperation. However, in order to join the fraternity and find out who led his sister to her death, he is asked to have sex with everyone in the fraternity. As time goes by, this isn’t the only challenge he has to face in order to come closer to the truth.

This comic contains violence and explicit sexual content that some readers may find uncomfortable.
This manhwa doesn’t have lovey-dovey scenes; it’s naturally for mature minds and a mature audience.

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