Soreha Tabete wa Ikemasen by KOISHIKAWA Ao
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Soreha Tabete wa Ikemasen by KOISHIKAWA Ao [Eng]

Manga: Soreha Tabete wa Ikemasen
Language: English

Plot: Collection of stories
1-2) Kindly Dinner Table/You Can’t Eat That
Ordinary university student, Kou, is living with Naoyuki; a gentle and timid vampire. Frightened of his narrow coffin, the cowardly vampire doesn’t scare Kou, but can Kou resist becoming his “lunch?”

3) The Werewolf Afflicted on the Night of the Full Moon
An extra specially drawn compilation about Naoyuki’s older brother, Yukito, and a werewolf called Seiichirou!

4) Friends Season
High school students Kura and Kuri are best friends, but when Kuri confesses to his friend Kura, he’s shot down pretty quickly, after all, Kura has a girlfriend. But now that he knows, Kura can’t stop thinking about his friend in “that way”.

5) Entangled, Untangled
Student Yoshino enjoys teasing Miki-sensei, even making the teacher tie his tie every morning. But how serious is Yoshino, and though Miki-sensei doesn’t treat him like the other students, does that really mean love…

6) The Truth is You’re Kind
Breaking up is hard to do for one young couple that can’t seem to escape their memories of each other.

7) Beautiful Person
An 8 page short about a mysophobic man and his lover.

8) Later, at the Dinner Table
Kou and Naoyuki omake.

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