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Soine Lovers by Iimo [Eng]

Manga: Soine Lovers; 添い寝ラヴァーズ
Author: Iimo
Language: English

Plot: A long-awaited night spent with a lover. Is there anything you want to try besides sleeping?Surly mystery man x washed-up idol. The conclusion to his outrageous plans?Yukihara Katsuya -Yukki- has been an idol for seven years, working out of a big talent agency. Experiencing a mere shadow of his former popularity, to boost his CD sales, he sponsors a raffle to spend a single night with the winner. When he arrives at the home of the winner, “Ichigo-chan,” he expects some idol otaku girl or middle-aged secretary, but what he sees is a brawny guy well into adult years – Udai Ichigo. For a moment, he’s relieved when he thinks he won’t have to go throut then it becomes clear he’ll have to spend the whole night with a man he’s just met…!An out of the ordinary love with a surprising conclusion, the heart-pounding title work is compiled with three other stories.- Soine means sleeping together​ or co-sleeping, like when a parent sleeps close to a child.

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