Smells Like Green Spirit Vol 2 Manga
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Smells Like Green Spirit by NAGAI Saburou – Vol.2 [Eng]

Manga: Smells Like Green Spirit – Volume 2
Author: NAGAI Saburou
Language: English

Plot: Mishima, a student at a school in the countryside, is bullied by his classmates. The reason is because he’s seemingly gay. In reality, Mishima does like guys so he doesn’t resist their bullying, and instead, finds solace in secretly cross-dressing. One day on the rooftop, Mishima finds the lipstick he’d lost before in the hands of Kirino, one of the bullies… and Kirino was about to put on the lipstick that Mishima used on his own lips. This is the story of young boys looking for a place they can really be themselves…

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