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Shinjuku Lucky Hole by KUMOTA Haruko [Eng]

Manga: Shinjuku Lucky Hole; Shinjuku Lucky Hall; 新宿ラッキーホール
Author: KUMOTA Haruko
Language: English

Plot: A collection of stories centered around Lucky Hole AV Co.:

1) Bitter Tasting Lips
A new recruit pays Lucky Hole AV’s chief executive officer Hiyama “Bitter taste” Kumi a visit who decides to hold an interview and a trial session on the spot.

2) Promises Are Only Made Once
The shady scout Sakuma is unexpectedly reunited with the teenage son of his former boss. What is he to do when the brat declares his love for him and attaches himself to the older man?

3) Heart on Fire
The video editor Saiki, a devoted fan of Kumi-chan, is suddenly asked to act in an AV with youngster Reni – and Kumi?!

4-5) The Room That Is Too Sunny
The story of how Sakuma and Kumi first met and their subsequent relationship with each other.

6) Lucky Boy
Omake about Kumi’s and Sakuma’s present-day relationship.