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Sensitive Pornograph by Sakura Ashika [Eng]

Manga: Sensitive Pornograph; Senshitibu Porunogurafu; Aiganbutsu wa Oheya no Naka Ouchi e Kaerou
Come Home; Gaki wa Sunao ja nee; Indirect Youth; Non-Adult Situations; Onegai dakara, Kiss wo Shite; Otona no Tsugou ja Naikute; Please, Kiss Me; Trophies Belong in the Bedroom; センシティブ・ポルノグラフ; 幸福花園
Mangaka: Sakura Ashika
Language: English

Sensitive Pornograph Manga Plot: Being with an older lover is hot on just so many levels… Seiji-kun is a novice manga artist. He’s also completely addicted to the body of the incredibly beautiful Sono-san, despite the fact that Sono-san is a guy. Is this love? Along with the title story, one that paints a tale of youth and emotion, this volume is filled to the brim with stories of overwhelming density, including “Not Just When it’s Convenient” and “Let’s Go Home.” A total of six stories in all.
Onegai dakara, Kiss (w)o Shite (Please, Kiss Me)
Otona no Tsugou ja Naikute (Non-Adult Situations)
Gaki wa Sunao ja nee (Indirect Youth)
Aiganbutsu wa Oheya no Naka (Trophies Belong in the Bedroom)
Ouchi e Kaerou (Come Home)

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