Secret Lingerie Manga
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Secret Lingerie by Setsu [Eng]

Manga: Secret Lingerie
Mangaka: Setsu
Language: English

Secret Lingerie Manga Plot: One night, Shu Asakida, CEO of a small advertising agency, notices a strange, sweaty smell lingering in the office bathroom… and hears moans coming from one of the stalls! To make things more awkward, his business associate comes out!
Worried about whomever else was in the stall with him, Shu peeks inside to find… his best friend from high school and star designer, Masaki, in a compromising position…!
The feel of skin on skin in a cramped space, and that strong, musky scent… This isn’t the Masaki that Shu knows! But, for some reason, his nether regions are responding… Is he really getting excited over his best friend!?One night, advertising agency CEO Shu Asakida hears moans coming from a bathroom stall. Things turn awkward when his business associate steps out, but when he opens the stall door to see who his partner is, he gets a shock…

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