Room 1305 Manhwa Cover
Yaoi Manga

Room 1305 by Park Mong Mong [Eng]

Manhwa: 1305; Room 1305; 1305호; 1305号; 1305號; No 1305
Mangaka: Park Mong Mong
Language: English

Room 1305 Manhwa Plot: Lee Tae-Young, a neighbor ‘s kid, who has lost contact with Jae-young lived alone in an old apartment building appears. Unlike Tae-young, who is delighted to meet with his neighbor who was close to him when he was younger, Jae-young is somewhat uncomfortable with his neighbor’s kid. Will the old grievances be remembered or will the new ones be born? BDSM passion, triangles and more in the room “1305”.
Warning: Contains BDSM action.

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