Revenge Guide Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Revenge Guide by 대유마 – Uncensored [Eng]

Manhwa: Revenge Guide – Uncensored
Mangaka: 대유마 , 베레
Language: English

Revenge Guide Manhwa Plot: Although he never wanted to see him again, S Class Esper Seo Leehyeon ends up meeting Jin Taewoo during his Guide matching test. In the past, they were each other’s closest friend but their relationship fractured and broke due to a peculiar event. In an unexpected and unpleasant reunion, Jin Taewoo becomes Seo Leehyeon’s exclusive Guide, due to their high compatibility. This guy, who’s acting like he’s taking revenge for the past, often gets on his nerves, and an aggressive guiding begins… << No matter how many times you reject me, you were meant to end up falling into my clutches. >> Can the Esper really escape from the Guide’s revenge?

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