Relationship That Works Manhwa
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Relationship That Works by Binun/ Neos – Uncensored [Eng]

Manhwa: Relationship That Works – Uncensored; A Relationship That Works
Mangaka: Binun/ Neos
Language: English

Relationship That Works Manhwa Plot: Ha Do-kyung applies for a Paris travel package that allows you to match with the person you want and enjoy the trip.
Contrary to the expectation that a Sub partner will come out to suit his taste as a Dom, he meets another Dom.
When they find out that they have the same tendency, the two break up without any regrets.
After Do-kyung looks around Paris alone, he returns to the hotel. As he is about to enter his room, he meets his match again, Shin Kang-woo, who apologizes that he lied being a Dom, as he was too shy to admit he was a Sub, and suggests that they have a drink together.

What is Shin Kang-woo’s true identity?!

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