Pheromone Phobia Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Pheromone Phobia by Wook – Note [Eng]

Manhwa: Pheromone Phobia; Pheromonephobia
Mangaka: Wook
Language: English

Pheromone Phobia Manhwa Plot: Jeong-oh is a beta who lives with his alpha friend, Yeong-won. They’ve maintained a close friendship for years now, and everything seemed fine…until Ha-yeon, the newly hired alpha at Jeong-oh’s office, brings a crucial fact to Jeong-oh’s attention: Yeong-won has been secretly showering Jeong-oh with his pheromones to keep other alphas and omegas away. As the trust in their friendship cracks and reveals hidden depths underneath, Jeong-oh must navigate his rapidly changing relationship with Yeong-won—which is going to be infinitely harder with Ha-yeon entering the picture.

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