No Reason Manhwa Cover
Yaoi Manga

No Reason by Salty [Eng]

Manhwa: No Reason
Mangaka: Salty
Language: English

No Reason Manhwa Plot: Do Jung-hoon is powerful, ruthless, and…fond of a lovely face. So, when pretty-boy Yoo Hyunjae joins the Sung Jin gang, Jung-hoon finds it hard to believe the rumors about this supposedly dangerous and unpredictable newbie. Getting Hyunjae into his bed is as easy as promising a way to the top, but one year later, Hyunjae mysteriously vanishes. The only message he leaves is a cryptic “I will miss you, hyung.” Jung-hoon barely has time to think about the anxious feeling growing in his stomach when his gang is viciously attacked by an unknown enemy. But then, a voice comes from the shadows… “Long time no see, hyung.”

Note: This comic contains scenes of violence, bodily harm, and criminal conduct throughout. Reader discretion is advised.
Note 2: The side stories are uncensored.

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