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My Master, My Joo-in by Khbiyong [Eng]

Manhwa: My Master, My Joo-in; My Master (Gihoebiyong); My Master (khbiyong)
Mangaka: Khbiyong
Language: English

My Master, My Joo-in Manhwa Plot: Can love really conquer all? Many might think Eun Joo-in lucky. As the son of a palace gardener, he was able to grow up in the presence of the powerful crown prince, Licht von Louis Kuellen, and even call him his friend. But Joo-in knows that his luck comes with its downsides. For one, being both a commoner and a beta in love with an alpha prince certainly doesn’t feel lucky. Licht must marry an omega, and then there will be no place for Joo-in at his side. Unwilling to subject himself to a life of heartbreak, Joo-in leaves the palace, hoping that time away will put a stop to his feelings. Three years pass, and Joo-in is ready to live his life as a faithful servant and nothing more, but Licht seems more determined than ever to rekindle their close friendship! Can Joo-in master his feelings before he falls even deeper…

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