Lovesick Dog Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Lovesick Dog by Songhyel – Ch 36-37 [Eng]

Manhwa: Lovesick Dog; Love Sick Dog
Mangaka: Songhyel
Language: English

Lovesick Dog Manhwa Plot: “About 14,000 years ago, certain wolves caught a disease called “lovesickness”. And when they met people, they became their companion dogs.”
If one word could encapsulate Noh Ye-gyum, it would be “lovesick”. Despite him loving people with all his heart, Ye-gyum finds himself trapped in an endless cycle of being used, betrayed, and ultimately abandoned. This time proves no different for him, as the family of his current “master” Jooyung drives him away to pave the path for Jooyung’s advantageous marriage and future spouse. Alone once again, Ye-gyum is left to gather his belongings and leave. Or is he? Suddenly, a mysterious man named Jooin appears, sweeping Ye-gyum away to his home. There, he is fed, clothed, and showered with an overwhelming amount of affection. As Ye-gyum senses the telltale signs of his lovesickness resurfacing, an uncertainty lingers: will this man also leave him, or could he finally hold the cure to this lifelong affliction?

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