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Kuzu Seito to Stalker-sensei by Kasui [Eng]

Manga: Kuzu Seito to Stalker-sensei; A Bad Student and His Stalker Teacher; Emergency Kisses, Please!; Oukyuu Kisu, Onegaishimasu!; クズ生徒とストーカーせんせい; 応急キス、お願いします!
Mangaka: Kasui
Language: English
Status: Completed

Plot: Mizutani (29) got tired of life so at the recommendation of a good friend, he is now enjoying his second youth by pretending to be a high school student. His only worry is being observed for some reason by homeroom teacher Kuriyama. Moreover, he is found out by the teacher in a bar (legally) and dragged to a love hotel and is given an unbelievable confession!? Then he’s threatened with blackmail pictures, and forced to become lovers with the teacher!?

Includes Oukyuu Kisu, Onegaishimasu! (Emergency Kisses, Please!) oneshot.

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