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Koibito no Hirakikata by KUJOU Aoi [Eng]

Manga: Koibito no Hirakikata
Author: KUJOU Aoi
Language: English
Plot: 1) LOVE JACK
Aruto is happy at his job… until his ex-boyfriend Shouei shows up to fill a position. Throw in a farewell/welcome party with lots of alcohol and a jealous co-worker (Sena)… where will this night end?

2) Lip to Heart
Sena from chapter one is back with his own story. Natsuki, his previous lover says he doesn’t have any feelings of love left for Sena, even though Sena still loves him. What happens when Sena wakes up to a bearded (hottie) guy kissing him?! He is Natsuki’s friend Sakurai…

3) Heart to Heart
Continuation of Sena (Shougo) and Sakurai (Masayuki) from Chapter 2.

4) Changing World
These thoughts are hotter than flame, and deeper than the fallen snow.I love Ichikawa-chan As his body burned at the other’s touch, the confession slipped out. Natsumi’s** thoughts were always dwelling on his art teacher, Ichikawa. When he learned of Ichikawa’s sudden retirement, he tried to prevent it, but… From the art room tinted by their memories, their passionate sighs begin to fall.
**Note: The scanlators have his name appear as Natsumi a couple times, and Natsuki a couple times as well. Not sure which is the correct name, but it is not the Natsuki from chap 2.

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