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Joseon Adult Toy Store by Songmi – Uncensored – Ch. 6 [Eng]

Manhwa: Joseon Adult Toy Store; Joseon Sex Shop; Joseon Musical Workshop
Mangaka: Songmi
Language: English

Joseon Adult Toy Store Manhwa Plot: Almost every night, noble Hyoweon enjoys sex. One day whilst talking with a friend, Nam Suin, he is recommended to visit an adult toy store, which is secretly popular among nobles. And so he goes to find the store, and it’s owner, Shinwoo. Unlike the extraordinary and colourful tools on display, Shinwoo is extremely cold. Hyoweon expresses the desire for Shinwoo to demonstrate the pleasure of the tools on him. In Shinwoo’s lacking reaction, Hyoweon goes to sleep with another man. But he is unable to experience the same pleasure that he received from the craftsman… After Hyoweon’s persistent nagging, Shinwoo gives in and agrees to test the tools on him. As the testing goes on, Hyoweon’s desire to sleep with Shinwoo grows stronger. Hoping one day… When… just when will this guy give in…?!

Note: Some chapters are not uncensored, depending on the scanlation group.

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