It's Stuck Manhwa Cover
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It’s Stuck by Mawang [Eng]

Manhwa: It’s Stuck; I’m Stuck!
Mangaka: Mawang/ Satan
Language: English

It’s Stuck Manhwa Plot: Sang Cheol who is in a lovey-dovey relationship with fellow national athlete Hwi Gyeom, but there’s one concern… Hwi Gyeom’s penis is too big and he can’t bring himself to move on to the next stage in their sex life. Despite Sang Cheol being grateful for Hwi Gyeom’s consideration towards him, he’s decided to order some adult toys to help their relationship progress further. Why is he trying on the cute rabbit ears cosplay… and why can’t the ears be taken off..?! Hwi Gyeom finds out about Sang Cheol’s problem and decides to give him a helping hand. There’s one way left that they can use to get the ears off… But what could it be?

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