Hatsukoi no Kanata by MITO Hitomi
Yaoi Manga

Hatsukoi no Kanata by MITO Hitomi [Eng]

Manga: Hatsukoi no Kanata; Beyond the First Love; The Far Side of First Love; ハツコイの彼方; 初恋的彼方
Author: MITO Hitomi
Language: English

Plot: My first love wasn’t granted.
Because the person I loved was my father’s lover.
Because I wasn’t able to let go of that love, I went out with those who are older and flirty.
However, once, my university friend, Shinri showed me a face which intrigued me.
“Anyway it won’t be granted.”
My heart skipped whenever the always optimistic Shinri showed me the expression of giving up on love.
That one side of Shinri which I had not known, made a fuss in my chest.
— I, perhaps like this guy.

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