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Hatarakimasen! by YAMADA Yugi [Eng]

Manga: Hatarakimasen!; 働きません!
Author: YAMADA Yugi
Language: English

Plot: Funny story of young editor, Shiomi who has just entered a small publishing company. Shiomi respects his boss so much but the publisher goes bankrupt. Then Ikeuchi who is an excellent student and Shiomi’s junior at college, proposes to Shiomi to live together and not to work, as if he was Ikeuchi’s wife. Shiomi gets angry and starts to work at a new editing agency office with his elder editors. But Shiomi often fails his work because of his youth. Furthermore, Ikeuchi, who begins to work with Shiomi as a temporary working student, sees his attemps to woo Shiomi failing as various people (the famous popular mangaka, the designer and the elder editor) interfere.

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