Haitoku no Love Sick by Minami Haruka
Yaoi Manga

Haitoku no Love Sick by Minami Haruka [Eng]

Manga: Haitoku no Love Sick
Author: Minami Haruka
Language: English

Plot: A collection of short stories revolving around one couple. Private Menu is about Shinya, a 19 year old boy, who meets Toru at a cafe he works at. Toru is an escort, and so beautiful that Shinya immediately falls for him. Blind gives a glimpse into Toru’s life before he met Shinya, and Immoral Lovesickness finishes up the tale of the two boys. Sensual Love and I’ll Only Make Love to You are both separate one-shots. The final story ‘And, Bright’ is a new short that appeared in the 2007 reprint of this manga. Note: Story 4 – ‘A Pair of Lovers’ was translated by Fushichou but cannot be uploaded due to Fushichou’s policy.

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