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Hagakure no Koi by MIZUKAMI Shin [Eng]

Manga: Hagakure no Koi; 葉隠の恋
Author: MIZUKAMI Shin
Language: English

Plot: A collection of historical one-shots.

1) Romance hidden in the leaves –
A frivolous samurai’s apprentice find his way into the heart of his prim & tenacious ronin sensei.

2) The road through dreams –
A 16 years old nobleman is in love in his childhood friend, a servant in his family house, but the latter can’t return his feeling because of their class differences.

3) Sign of a world’s love –
Before commodore Calbraith Left Japan he picked the most beautiful flower of the orient…

4) Odoru Awa ni Tama no Hada –
Young sensei from Tokyo is appointed as teacher in a remote fishing village’s school. His young but tough students giving him a hard time, especially the bossy son of the head of the village.

5) Gentle Darkness –
Since his family moved recently to a western mansion a spoiled rich youngster had to live in a western life style that he hate. While wandering in his new family’s estate he came across a strange house but is seems that the person who lived there is even stranger…

6) Shirayuki no Sono Mune ni – Romance hidden in the leaves (1) Omake (deals mainly in the second couple in the story).

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