Graduation M Anime
Yaoi Anime

Graduation M OVAs 1- 2 Online [Eng Subs]

Anime: Graduation M OVA; Sotsugyou M
Episodes: 2
Language: Japanese with English Subs

Plot: Sotsugyo M is focused on 5 male students in Seiryuu Private Senior High with totally different personalities. Mikimaro Shimura who only wants all of them to be friends, Syo Nakamoto a brainiac who is learning how to appreciate people, Togo Arai the infamous playboy and bad boy of the school, Yuusuke Katou the active student in love with the teacher and finally, the new transfer student, Shimon Takagiare the rich and clean student. These students have to learn how to cope with each other and one by one they open up and start helping each other.


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