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Goshujinsama to Wanko by SAKIRA [Eng]

Manga: Goshujinsama to Wanko; Goshujin sama to Wanko; Goshuujin-sama to Wanko; Master and Dog; ご主人様とワンコ; 主人與狗狗情人
Author: SAKIRA
Language: English

Plot: 1) Master and Dog
University student, Uehara Yuuji, is an earnest guy with slight masochistic tendencies. Yuuji also happens to be totally in love with the cold, glasses-wearing Tatsukawa-Sensei. Ever since he first spotted Tatsukawa-Sensei, he confessed his feelings time and time again only to have the anti-social Tatsukawa-Sensei refuse every time. “That’s it! If I’m not human, he will fall in love with me!” Sensei then orders the dog cosplaying Yuuji to do what?

2) Spoiled Guinea Pig
When Kurosawa’s beloved sempai comes to freeload at his house, how long can Kurosawa hold out? When Kurosawa comes home to Sempai in a bunny suit, he nearly loses it… but what about the next morning… Sempai is has fur?! Smex ensues.

3) Secret Love Lesson
Home-tutor Asato-sensei and his beautiful student Ren have confessed their feelings of love for eachother, and are ready to get their pants down…. now the only question is: Who gets whose ass?

4) Feverish Eye complex
After two years of being an extra, Yuzuru begins “secret training” with his new manager, hoping to become a first rate actor. (p.s. “secret training” = sexyness~~!)

5) Love-possessed Boy
Lazy protagonist is hot on his soccer-crazed sempai! Is there any way for him to capture sempai’s heart without joining the soccer team? …How about some love potion ❤ and maaaaybe an aphrodisiac?

6) Drown in Love
Lil’ cousin in love with big cousin. Big cousin is defenseless and touchy-feely… can lil’ cousin take much more?!

7) Triangle Love
Strong and impulsive Hoshino Seita; Tall, beautiful Shinosaki Eiru; and finally, smart but shy Houyama Riku. A pure (lol) love story of the three classmates.

8) Awkard Kiss
9) Number Up! Split Boy