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End Love by Kakine
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End Love by Kakine [Eng]

Manga: End Love; Mata Asu Choushoku Nite; See You Tomorrow at Breakfast; Sweet Destiny; また明日朝食にて; エンド・ラブ; 终结你的爱情
Mangaka: Kakine
Language: English

Plot: 1-3) End Love
Miyano, who has a deep wound on his heart from a lost love in the past, avoids any serious romance. But, when he is told by his kouhai, Izuhara, to “just give me your body”, Miyano begins a relationship with him. Why, despite these words, is Izuhara treating Miyano so gently…?
– From Kagerou Scans

4-5) See You Tomorrow at Breakfast (Mata Asu Choushoku Nite)
6) Extra: Takao Mitsuru’s Hospital Record

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