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Egoistic Trap by Uekawa Kichi [Eng]

Manga: Egoistic Trap; エゴイスティック トラップ
Mangaka: Uekawa Kichi
Language: English

Plot: While Aoki struggles with the arrogant Okada, he experienced a pleasure which made him feel weak. He gave himself up from body to soul into Okada’s arms. Before he realized, Okada’s demands has grown more frequent. Even at work, Okada seeks for Aoki’s body…He has a small body, but he has a huge ego. Aoki was hurt when his co-worker dumped him. Suddenly, his senpai, Okada, suggested, “If you are sad, find yourself a partner!” and then Okada pushed him down!

  • Chapter 1
Egoistic Trap Manga Chapter 1

  • Chapter 1

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