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Dawn of The Dragon by Ma Jeung Ji – Season 2 – Uncensored – Ch. 57 [Eng]

Manhwa: Dawn of The Dragon – Season 2; Dawn, Clouds, River
Mangaka: Ma Jeung Ji
Language: English

Dawn of The Dragon Manhwa Plot: As the heir to the Yooshin corporation, Yoo Taehyuk is living his best life. However, everything changes when he’s informed that the dragon, the patron deity of the Yoo family, wants to forsake them to be with his mate. When his sister is asked to take the fall for the family and announce herself as the dragon’s mate, Taehyuk steps up instead. He agrees to meet the dragon in the hopes that he can convince him to stay. But will Taehyuk succeed in slithering into the impervious dragon’s good graces or get under his scales?
Season 1: Dawn of The Dragon by Ma Jeung Ji – Season 1 [Eng]

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