Darling for Dessert Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Darling for Dessert by 12 – Ch. 26-27 [Eng]

Manhwa: Darling for Dessert; Isanimui Director; Director’s Dessert; His Dessert
Mangaka: 12
Language: English

Darling for Dessert Manhwa Plot: After a major screw-up at work, Hyunho is pretty much ready to give up on life. What he receives instead of punishment, however, is a delectable strawberry cream custard tart. Thinking it’s his last meal alive, Hyunho gobbles it up, licking every last dollop of cream off of Seung-yun’s fingers. This lights a certain spark within Seung-yun, which gets him thinking about all the other wild things he could make Hyunho do with his tongue…

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