Damm-dirty-dom Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Damm, Dirty, Dom by Awook – Ch. 0 [Eng]

Manhwa: Damm, Dirty, Dom; Damm, Dirty, Dumm
Mangaka: Awook
Language: English

Damm, Dirty, Dom Manhwa Plot: Tae-woo, a gangster executive who has never had a relationship because his genitals are too big, and Gyesu-chan, a bully who now owes a debt. It’s okay if I touch it once, but his genitals are too big! “This can’t be possible… “I was the top!” The tingling shame only lasted a moment, and Gyesu-chan gradually fell in love with Tae-woo’s strange charm as well as his genitals.


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