Cosmetic Playlover
Yaoi Manga

Cosmetic Playlover by Narashima Sachi [Eng]

Manga: Cosmetic Playlover
Mangaka: Narashima Sachi
Language: English

Plot: “’No’ or ‘Stop’, you unexpectedly say cute things.” The beauty assistant Natsume is forced to do pair sales with his junior Sahashi. Sahashi, who doesn’t take Natsume or his work seriously, overtook him in sales and annoys Natsume as he’s trying to act as a good superior…once his act is discovered and he’s threatened into becoming his sex friend?! Plus, he carelessly pushed the switch to awaken Sahashi… “Is it all right if I get serious?” This is a story set behind the cosmetic shop counter, with feelings of love appearing as Natsume finds his heart beating fast, although it irritates him.

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