Chiku Bingo by IBUKI Asuka - Vol.1
Yaoi Manga

Chiku Bingo by IBUKI Asuka – Vol.1 [JP]

Title: Chiku Bingo – Vol 1; チク bingo
Author: IBUKI Asuka
Language: Japanese

Plot: Kishiwada is a top known fighter at his school. However, he has an issue when it comes to his nipples! If anything touches them, he gets super sensitive, weak in the knees and he even gets an erection! This all happened due to his childhood friend messing with them when he was little. Now his friend, Andou is back and he’s causing trouble for him. But Andou is in love with Kishiwada who refuse to accept it. Not only does he have a problem with his nipple and Andou – he also has an issue with a stalker guy – who also turns out to have known Kishiwada during his childhood and is in love with him too!

English: Chiku Bingo by IBUKI Asuka [Eng]

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