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Brand-new Star by Kijima Hyougo [Eng]

Manga: Brand-new Star; Brand-new♡Star; Brandnew Star
Author: Kijima Hyougo
Language: English

Plot: Popular with maniacs, girl dressed Idol “Rukiya”, Usui Tokito is usually a plain high school student. It’s just because he likes cute things, it doesn’t mean he wants to be a girl or he likes men. That’s what he was thinking… Then one day, Tokito’s secret is found out by the nurse doctor, Katsuragi Ken, who’s a passionate fan of Rukiya. In the course of events, they even do H–.

Another title portraying the first love of a “boy bride”, the newest comics full of love. H, the LOVE of the springtime of life thrown with all it’s force!

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