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Birikketsu no Mahou by MUTOBE Ryo [Eng]

Manga: Birikketsu no Mahou
Author: MUTOBE Ryo
Language: English

1-3. Imperfect Love Spell
First year Ueda isn’t interested in joining any of the clubs until Momotani Yuushi, crybaby vice-president of the supernatural club runs into him. Unable to leave his pathetic (and adorable) sempai alone, Ueda finds himself drawn into the increasingly odd life of the supernatural club.

4. Yowareru Karada
A swimming lesson reveals ulterior motives between a senpai and his cute kouhai.

5. Doukashite Iru!
Manager Muroi is regarded as attractive but clumsy and hopeless as marriage material by the girls in the office. Good thing there’s adorable and sincere Ogawa and stoic Taki to take his mind off his hopeless love life.

6. Power of Pants
Computer geek and general otaku Takahashi considers himself undersized, but only has porn to compare himself to. Takahashi’s recently struck up an unlikely friendship with jock Miyamoto. Maybe this could be his chance to compare size…

7. You’re Still Standing at the Same Place, Looking at the Same Sky
Sou always admired Ryu sempai from the aeronautics club and his close relationship with Komori sempai. Two years later Sou runs into them and finds out Komori is getting married. Can he replace Komori in Ryu’s affection?

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