Ang Ang Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Ang Ang by Gwendolyn – Ch. 95 [Eng]

Manhwa: Ang Ang; 앙앙; Hard-Boiled Love
Mangaka: Gwendolyn; Huingin
Language: English

Ang Ang Manhwa Plot: “How about we start with being play partners?”

Hwayoung, the third son of the Yoon Clan, a nationwide gang syndicate, is being stalked because of his looks.
The Yoon Clan hires Gyuwon as a bodyguard for their beloved youngest.

Seeing at a glance that Gyuwon was an SMer who leaned towards being a gay sub, Hwayoung suggested they become play partners…

Gyuwon realized that the ideal type he’s been wanting for so long is right in front of him, and that he would obey Hwayoung unconditionally.

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