[Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!
Yaoi Manga

[Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!★ Anthology [Eng]

Manhwa: [Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!★
Mangaka: Chu, Jeong Seokchan, Taepi, YP, Gom Gaesyak
Language: English

[Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!★ Manhwa Plot: No other kind of bara under the sun! These men that fill up your hearts just by looking at them are coming to you! Consist of 5 short stories:
1. 러브드롭 by YP Love Drop (4 Chapters)
2. 은혜를 뭘로 갚나 by Gom Gaesyak How So You Repay the Favor (3 Chapters)
3. 태양을 피하는 법 by Jeong Seok-chan How Avoid the Sun (3 Chapters)
4. 백의 악마 by Taffy Devil in White (5 Chapters)
5. 오타쿠에게 친구의 가슴은 부담스러워! by CHU For an Otaku, A Friends Breast are a Burden! (6 Chapters)

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