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Adult BL game – NU: Carnival! A new world full of sex and debauchery! – Uncensored!

Adult BL game – NU: Carnival! A new world full of sex and debauchery! – Use essence to go crazy with your clan members! (Click on the images)
Hundreds of years ago, the elemental spirits on the Klein Continent were causing mayhem. To put a stop to this chaos, the Grand Sorcerer – a man known as Huey – decided to build five altars and seal away these imbalanced elements with gemstones. Huey and his clan members would set out on a journey to maintain the gemstones and seals at each of the five altars.

[Visual Feast: Characters come to life in glorious full animation]

Each and every character is presented in glorious full animation. Players can select their favorite character to appear in the main tab and even change their outfit and level of nudity. Through steamy, lifelike interactions, players can raise their intimacy levels with their allies and even give and receive birthday gifts! Your allies will soon be longing for you day and night!

[Take Turns: Two states of undress to get your blood pumping]

NU: Carnival’s battle system employs a customizable five-character team, where players can utilize type matchups and special skills to get that all-important victory. During battle, as each of your allies get hit with more and more attacks, their outfits will start to get gradually more revealing. It won’t be long until there’s smooth skin and glistening muscles on display for your viewing pleasure!

[Eargasm: Be wowed by our stellar Japanese voice cast]

NU: Carnival endeavors to be not only a delight for the eyes, but also for the ears. Each of the main characters has been brought to life by our cast of extinguished Japanese voice actors. Grab those headphones and immerse yourself in the sounds of manly, unadulterated pleasure. Whether it’s pleasant conversation or lusty moans, you’re in for a BL experience like no other.

[Lusty Excitement: Increase intimacy levels to unlock steamy new stories]

Complete certain requirements to raise your intimacy levels with your allies and unlock extra-special side stories! Each character has several unique H-scenes for players to enjoy. Masters can choose whether to be a top or a bottom, and enjoy each sweaty, lust-filled movement brought to life with vivid Spine animation. You’ll soon feel like you’re right in the thick of all the steaming hot action!

[Tappety Tap: desire-manipulating powers at your fingertips]

Give gifts to your allies via Temptation, increase your intimacy levels, and watch as their clothing slowly disappears. Enjoy their blushed faces as they pant and moan… All that’s left is to put your fingers to good use and enter a world of pure passion!

The time is finally here to set out on a whole new adventure from NU: Carnival!

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