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Shichigatsu no Kousaten by Takao Hiroi [Eng]

Manga: Shichigatsu no Kousaten (July’s Crossroad); Interception in July; Shichigatsu no Crossroad
Author: Takao Hiroi
Language: English

Plot: At Tamayoshi Fine Art Research Lab – a prep school for students who want to apply for Art Schools – Haru, a student preparing to retake the entrance exam, was hit on by his roommate Natsu. Natsu is a genius painter who is good at nothing but painting. While looking after Natsu, Haru helped him out of a difficult situation. Natsu’s feelings for Haru became even stronger. During exam-prep time, Haru was under a lot of stress and turned Natsu’s feelings down. May Natsu’s relentless and unchanging feelings reach Haru’s heart no matter how many times Natsu gets rejected?

Rokugatsu no Hengen-san (Prequel)

Shichigatsu no Kousaten Chapter 1

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