Sasaki to Miyano Anime
Yaoi Anime

Sasaki to Miyano Anime Online (Eng Subs)

Anime: Sasaki to Miyano Anime; Sasaki to Miyano TV; Sasaki and Miyano; Sasamiya
Episodes: 12 (Finished airing)
Language: Japanese with English Subs

Sasaki to Miyano Anime Plot: The shy and easily flustered Miyano harbors an embarrassing secret—he is a “fudanshi,” a boy who likes boys’ love (BL) manga. The last thing he wants is for other students to find out, but through a slip of the tongue, he reveals the truth to Sasaki. Intrigued, the clueless Sasaki asks to borrow a book to read, which he is given very reluctantly. To Miyano’s surprise, Sasaki enjoys the BL that he receives and asks for more, marking a shift in their strange dynamic…

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