Yaoi Manga

Oredake no Senzoku Alfa by HOSHIKURA Zozo – Ch. 3 [Eng]

Manga: Oredake no Senzoku Alfa
Mangaka: HOSHIKURA Zozo
Language: English

Plot: “I hate alphas, but I like you.”

A loyal, kind-hearted alpha X popular omega model who’s closed his heart away.

The very popular omega model, Masatsugu Otonashi, hates alphas on a totally different level. However, one day, Otonashi is assigned an assistant, Mei Todoroki, an alpha who ends up being at the mercy of his unreasonable demands. Despite the hardships of being Otonashi’s assistant, Todoroki flawlessly does his job and eventually gains Otonashi’s trust…and Todoroki soon becomes drawn to Otonashi’s vulnerability and kindness…

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