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Nurse ga Oshigoto by Hoshino Lily [Eng]

Manga: Nurse ga Oshigoto; The Nurse’s Job; Yokubari wa Dame na no; Youkubari wa Damerano; ナースがお仕事; 护士情人
Author: Hoshino Lily
Language: English

Plot: This volume is a collection of 5 oneshots:
• There’s the patient who molests his ‘nurse’…
• The doctor who’s messing around with his assistant…
• An upperclassmen gives a younger boy a very intimate lesson…
• And last but not least, the boy who replaces his sister as her fiance’s bride.
Chapter 6 was released as a oneshot under the title Yokubari wa Dame na no:
• Arai accepts two sempais’ offers to go out and suffers the consequences when they find out they are being ‘lead on’…

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