Michiru Heya by Nekota Yonezou
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Michiru Heya by Nekota Yonezou – Vol. 1 [Eng]

Title: Michiru Heya; The Full Room; 満ちる部屋
Author: Nekota Yonezou
Language: English

Plot: Renold has just had to take in a new roommate in his dormitory: Roger Brouwer, the school Casanova and well known to be a prostitute. While Renold is initially quite put-out at the prospect of having to not only room with the guy but also leave his own dorm while Roger services his clients, the two eventually strike up a friendship and grow close. But unfortunately, as he grows closer with Roger, who notoriously dumps his clients when they start to show feelings for him beyond simple business, Renold realizes he has feelings for Roger that exceed those of mere friendship.

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